Tuesday, 8 May 2018


I got to the causes of schizophrenia by considering the thinking of the majority. I can see now how Dr. Lea Maria and me, Dr. Marcia Pinheiro, could be regarded as schizoids by a few. Szhizophrenia, for those who don't know much about the disease, started because the psychiatrists had very little idea on what mental illness was, the own psychiatrists. Freud was a genius and only knows that who read his original writing. Freud's treatments were tailored to the patient, administered at their household, with little or no medication, and had mostly an experimental sort of feel. He was a genius, and that is both a solution and a problem: He could effectively treat very serious mental illness, but he would have difficulties with telling us how he did it and the complete list of symptoms. I believe you cannot be inside of the bubble and tell its nature with no mistake, as I once said in my work (Bubble Problem). The person to report on what Freud did would have to be someone who was observing both Freud and his patients, not Freud or the own patient, also not their relatives, since they would be emotionally involved. 

The psychiatrists, being lost in the game, started calling all they could not fit anywhere else schizophrenia. Not using the etymology, not bothering doing research on that, I am sure that is why it started. We now have lots of symptoms in a list, and other things. I will die saying that psychiatric illnesses are mostly cultural items, so that if we had a society of schizos, schizophrenia would not be a disease: That would be being normal. Mental illnesses are called mental because we see nothing wrong with the physical, so that they should be better regarded than any physical illness, especially if we talk about the contagious ones, such as AIDS, as I have already said in another blog post of mine. 

Anyway, the secret of the game is affection: Schizos were raised in a different way from the rest of human beings. They believe people must match thinking when having sex or developing intimacy. That is not true for most of us: Most of us think that people should trust the other physically speaking instead. That makes a lot of sense, since, for instance, if I drop my cat, like accidentally, she may die. The body has to come first for a NORMAL human being. For a person who believes they are mostly spirit, however, therefore for a person who REALLY believes their family's religion, they must trust the other spiritually speaking, and only then can they accept having physical intimacy. Why would that be the recipe to become mentally ill? It is a mathematical problem: There will never be a person who thinks exactly like us on earth, like even their best mental match will disagree somewhere, say money. You will never find romance or love that can last, since even if you initially saw everything around you in the same way, all of a sudden something that did not exist will appear, and you may diverge in thinking. We would not have a persona. This sort of person, who happened to also be me until recently, will then see in bugging the head of the other a solution for the end of their loneliness: I like them, then I bug. Now they are mine and proceed as I expect. 

The parents or 'upbringers' (my term) of the schizo or candidate to schizo, will show very little physical affection as they grow up, if any. The person starts thinking of love as provision of goods (basic food, basic housing, etc.). The sacrifices of that father and mother or whoever it is to give them the basic items is the only love they know. With that, they will demand very little from their partners, what may end up in the worst world atrocities against them for even decades. The right thing is obviously connecting through physical trust: You consider exclusively the body and the physical trust, so something like Streisand's movie (a movie where they are in the snow and fall into each other's arms to prove trust, physical trust). 

Whoever finds out how to change mental love into physical in the spirit of the victims will have found the healing for schizophrenia. 

I now also believe that all the consequences of schizophrenia, the most feared for researchers being impairment of the part of the brain that is responsible for the learning processes, can be stopped by simply changing that. That is also what our master, Freud, thought throughout his career, and I then take him as my supporter here. 

Schizophrenia is the Disease of Affection.

I met people who thought schizoids needed to be hugged and kissed by them to improve or have less pain or whatever. I disagree. What has to change is their spiritual understanding about intimate relationship. I am not Foucault, but I do think all is about sex. Life is not human if sex is not all that matters. In this case, we must align sex with physical trust in their spirit (see three spheres, The Empire of God). The main issue is that the schizo will confide their secrets to the bad partner because they had physical intimacy, which they reserve to those who think in the same way. It is all confusing and confused, you see: The more physical trust you have, the more you can confide to that person (not mental trust). In this way, schizos are frequently violated and abused: People misunderstand them. They frequently think they want sexual intimacy, but the schizo is just after a friend, a platonic friend, using modern language (no sex, just Christian fellowship). They will accept hugging and kissing, but they certainly do not want any of it to be sexual, and get traumatised each time that is changed into sex, but, in a normal person, it naturally would because of the amount of information they are giving them about themselves, the much they are letting themselves be known by the other, and even going out for shopping with frequency could lead to high degrees of knowledge about the person. See the piece Tutu Bob, written my Linda Jaivin.

Basically, the candidate to schizo believes that they can start loving the Christian fellow, like, in their spirit, they think this is possible, and that is also one of the reasons to let the fellow know so much about them: The hope they will (the candidate to schizo) develop love, the impression that that is possible. It is obviously the case that love is not developed: You love the body of the person, and that comes from cave times. The monkey-man would see and take. The same happens in Islam. Most women would like to see and take as well, this in the 21st century as much as in cave times. What changes is the law and who can effectively or legally take, I suppose. We are happy with their company, seeing those eyes, being touched by those hands, having them watching us, so that love is physical, not only mental or not mental at all. The how much mental love is is not something I can tell, but it is certainly mostly physical or if we say it is not, then we are all deciding to become schizoids. Do you want to schizoid with me, basically? I think I have proven to myself that is doomed to waste our investments: We will invest a lot in someone and we will lose the relationship and the person at a certain stage for one reason or another. The person will frequently attack us criminally upon losing us because they see the physical relationship as an end, and, once we got there, we should not go backwards. The candidate to schizo will see sex as a means instead. I believe we all want to optimise our efforts, and, if there is one thing that I learned from having the entire system working against my life and basic rights, what now goes for more than 16 years in the strongest way as possible, but I would say the system never worked in my favour, especially entirely, is that we do have an all, an all that is possible at least sometimes, so even marginal together with non-marginal in thinking, and we then should opt for not being a schizo. In this case, love is physical. By always proceeding as if it were, and by always trying to teach people that it is, perhaps using also Streisand's movie, which I think is really great, we will be investing in mental normality, and therefore in more harmony on earth. 

As another point, the normal individual, when in intimate relationship with the candidate to schizo, will feel irritated when the other comes up with intellectual conversations, and that will make them wish for sticking to their intellect in the absence of physical contact, so that a bug in their heads will be better than not having anything with their bodies, like at least some attention of their beloved. 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

You Promised!

Here you will watch the story of a Japanese fellow who refused to stop fighting the WWII because he thought the war was not over: People dropped even newspapers close to him where they could read that it was over, but he did not believe it. He thought it was a trick of the enemy to make them lose. He had received instructions that were clear: His superior would come after them, and in no hypothesis but that one should he stop fighting. In this way, several people came after him throughout these 29 years to tell him that the war was over, but he refused to believe that because the superior had not come to tell him that it was over. Apparently, if the superior had died for some reason, he would never stop fighting the imaginary war and he would always be trying to harm people. That was a promise. Somebody promised him something. He simply believed. Like him are plenty of us: We believe the government and their promises to us. We trust the police blindly. It is all about Logic in the end, personal logic. Was he crazy or simply a believer? He says in the end that all those years of his life were wasted, so that he seems to have discernment. Were the people who instructed him evil, demoniac? Should he not have taken instructions in a literal manner being a person who belonged to the armed forces? 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

AU Government and the Internet

I have just been told that when a person Googles my name and University of Queensland they find a dispute listed in the Small Claims Tribunal and the decision was that it was outside of their jurisdiction. I was in shock because this is one of the only things that the government of Australia did for me when I went Brazilian Way (brute force, laws and authorities). 

Several details matter here, I reckon: Initially, the tribunal refused to accept my proposal and said that they never prosecuted the own government, this in any hypothesis. I then had to print their own website and prove to the administrative personnel that they were actually obliged to accept the case. The administrative part then stopped resisting and said that they would pass to the judge. 

On the date, the judge actually said, after making me speak, that it was outside of their jurisdiction, but they would put a mediator outside to converse with us. We then were there: me, Linda Bird, and the mediator. Linda was extremely nice to me and offered me two different diplomas in terms of layout. One of them said Postgraduate Diploma in Research (Logic) or something similar, and this one should be the right one, and the other said Postgraduate Diploma in Philosophy (Logic). She initially offered the former, which was the right one, but I had a question, just like it happened when Peter Cerone offered me the vacancy in Statistics at VUT, so that I am now concluding that you must take without asking questions whatever they offer because their offers, first of all, are the rarest thing in the world, and she then gave me the latter instead. I was still very happy because I got a check of about AU$ 6,000 corresponding to the tuition that was inadequate, fixing of transcripts, which had Diploma Paper I, Diploma Paper II, and things like that instead of the name of the disciplines, two different names for the course on one page, and things like that, and fixing of the diploma, but she then said that there was one condition, and that was actually what generated my question: That they would not provide me with copies of those documents in the future. 

I found that way too weird and I thought that was a legal thing, so that I asked why, and that is when she swapped from the former, which was the right one, to the latter, very unfortunately.

Once more, I actually think that the own government of Australia makes it look as if I lie for some reason. My talk at the Newcastle University has been erased from the Internet and apparently even from their internal records, but that was a conference on Ancient Philosophy, there I presented my solution to The Sorites Paradox (worth millions) for the first time, and we had full house, record attendance, so that that should be a historic record. I did ask Trevor to hide clues about The Sorites because I knew the main reason for my relatives to attack me, especially Lea Ricci Pinheiro, was money, and VUT had just said that, after investigations were performed, guilty for all was Lea Ricci Pinheiro and  Rogerio de Oliveira. They make me look like an idiot, a liar, and a crook at all times, I reckon. 

Who I know went to speak to the Australian government, probably John So (mayor), in Melbourne, in 2001 (end) or 2002 (beginning) was Patricia Petersen. As said before, I met her in front of her college as I went there to pick up my car, and she told me that she was going to see the government. She said she had been trying to catch a cab for the last half an hour or something like that and nothing. I then offered a lift. Her lips trembled, just like Veronica's lips in an episode I have already here (on Blogger) described. That told me that she was probably lying about something, so perhaps she was going to injure me. She refused the lift, what was irrational, by saying that it was just about 15 minutes from where she was. That is why I inferred that it was John So. After Asha does what she does, the council of Melbourne swapped vases and plants several times that year, this along Swanston Street, where RMIT was, and practically along all my walk to go and come from it. That meant horrible waste of a lot of Melbournian resources/money, and I believe that was to say that they did not give a damn and were really willing to waste the  Australian money, so that investing in me in terms of scholarship was nothing, damn it, that I went to hell or something, as I obviously did (went back to Brazil, forced to all this criminally, as said so many times before). I think this was a consequence of my attempt to argue with whomever was behind Trevor and the own Trevor or my attempt to provide them with arguments as to why they should help me succeed, not attack me criminally and make me not get my title or job: I said that it was all Australian money and therefore the interest would be optimizing its use, not wasting. They would have to be interested in having me graduating properly, getting my title, if possible with honors, since I fully earned those (by the way, all four times, as said before: Four PhDs in record time, less than six months each). 

I said a lot of bullshit to Trevor and if Patricia spoke to the government, that meant she was pretending to be a foreigner to Australia, since she wasn't: She told me, in that 2000, that she had been born here. Nothing is what should be in what regards that story either, as usual. It is all absurd and nonsensical, unacceptable from every perspective, regardless. She did publish that she was from Canada on her website from Melbourne University in that 2001 (end)/2002. If there is someone who can explain all this is then the own Patricia, whose crimes against me I am denouncing since at most 2001 to the Australian authorities, just like Bradley's and The Brazilians'.

As said before, the list of crimes I endure is never-ending: RMIT, for instance, the own chancellor, claims that I was never doing a PhD under Asha Baliga in that 2002. People Services, supposed to have made the payment of my wages when I was at RMIT, from 2002 to 2004, claims that I never worked for them, and this is only a small sample, as you probably know from reading my blogs here.

They actually had a conference of chancellors in Sydney in 2005 and someone told me that if I did not attend that one I would suffer more or something like that. I did not attend it because I thought I was not into politics, I did not have the right clothes, I never heard of such a thing in my life, so that it all sounded really odd, I would have to pay to attend, and if I ever tried something like that, I would become Patricia, basically. Besides, it was a conference for chancellors, so that it looked like I would have to be a chancellor or something to enjoy or whatever. I now think that they must have done that for me to have a chance in life, but, unfortunately, with the information that I had, I thought that wisdom was not attending, since, first of all, all my complaints had to do with unwanted attention, too much, and little wanted attention, especially from those at the top. I found out, using the Internet, that both Trevor Skinner and Patricia Petersen were in Sydney in 2005: Patricia was in politics and Trevor was working in IT at his own company. Besides, a black woman, UFRJ postgraduate student, was at Sydney University doing a PhD, if I recall well, sandwich system, what means half in Brazil and half in Australia, and her Phd was also in Mathematics, if I recall well. I met her at Luke's house in Sydney, city. Luke was a drugs provider, as explained on another blog post, but I only found out that after I was living in the place. I did find it weird that the Islamic woman who lived there before me, a black undergraduate student from UTS, looked terrified, like really scared, and was kind in excess with me, to the level of helping me carry my luggage by getting me a trolley and pushing it with me all the way through (she said that that was the way she did things herself). She said she was going to live in Redfern, and that was a really dangerous suburb in Sydney (the statistics of crime was impressive, and the press considered it to be one of the most dangerous in Sydney. The Australian press usually never publishes anything that goes against Australia, so that it had to be true), close to Luke's house. I would never enter that place on my own and she was going to live there with her sister (only them). Her name was Muna and she was Islamic. After I found out what Luke ACTUALLY did, I understood her face and all else. I was frequently trying the noticeboards of UTS to advertise my things and to get ads about places where to stay and news (that was where I found Luke's place, so that Australia really does not care about our welfare everywhere in the place. The board is located inside of the university, inside of a lockable set of glass doors, which do get locked every day at a certain time. The person usually has to get a stamp on their ad for it to be allowed to remain on the board). I was frequently harassed by the security guards, as I have said here, on Blogger, so many times. One of them, a woman who definitely looked and sounded like a lesbian, someone with the looks of Judith Cook, actually ripped off my ads, where I advertised my private tuition services, a number of times, this after I got them stamped and all else, believe it or not. This was the same woman who told me at the UTS library that I should change my name, if I recall well. After I superficially described to her what was happening to me, that it all started with Judith Cook and all else, she said that. I found it very weird that a security guard would not like to give me justice, restore my human rights, and would still advise me to change my name, as if I owed something, not the opposite. Who should change names is obviously, if anyone, The Brazilians, Patricia, Judith Cook, Trevor, Bradley, Cameron, etc. What a joke, the entire thing!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Schizophrenia: USA and Psychiatry

I have just come across a bunch of videos, some made by the own person who is supposed to have Schizophrenia. Some images come from historic cases. These videos, those made by the own person, are impossible to be believed: The USA is apparently that to diagnose them with schizophrenia, so that they can only be incompetent in Psychiatry. I met an American psychiatrist here, in Australia, when I was helping a mental patient with her linguistic difficulties. That one seemed to be a reasonable person, so that this must not be a rule. I am absolutely sure that schizophrenia impairs the mental faculties, and one thing that they cannot have is creativity unless you call weirdness creativity. Drugs can help, and Clozapine, for instance, something my mother, who is a Psychologist, found in the news, can freeze mental damage, but the disease cannot be reversed so far, so that the mental damage will remain up to the point of the medication. I had special students who had schizophrenia and it is impossible that they create or do things on a periodic basis, such as arriving at a place on their own at 2 PM every day without medication or even supervision. On the other hand, the simple fact that they can do things on a daily basis like everyone else is considered a miracle. A true schizoid couldn't possibly talk about their disease like this man, Eric, seems to be doing: He is way too lucid and on top of it. That is too much rationality. He is also able to record himself and relax in front of a video camera. No, I am sorry, but these people who told him he is a schizo should be treated. He may have symptoms of the disease, what I myself call degrees of the disease, but not the full package. Schizophrenia is a very heavy label, just like AIDS: We should never use it irresponsibly, I reckon. He describes himself as being a bit delusional and paranoid, it seems. These are some of the symptoms of the disease. I think that people really need to talk more about mental illness. The main issue with schizophrenia is mental damage, not anything else, and this guy seems too normal, too lucid, to have any part of the disease. He is able to connect to people, clearly the case. He is able to make sense of what he says, clearly the case. He is able to concentrate on a topic, clearly the case. He has self-criticism at waste, since he dresses well, presents well, etc. He has vocabulary, and he even says that he has a PhD. It is not possible, quite sincerely. The drugs may make an effect on him, but that does not mean that he has the disease because we may take medication for AIDS and heal our flu, for instance. These people lack scientific skills, I reckon. They are obviously not considering all factors that they are obliged to consider when emitting a judgement. Eric is way too rational to be a schizoid. There is definitely something very wrong with the Psychiatric environment in the USA from all we can tell. 

We watched a police series episode once, an episode of an American series, where they claimed that a schizoid was to be blamed for serial killing, what would have to be impossible: Schizoids cannot repeat things, that is a characteristic of the disease, like they have too much brain damage to be able to remember what they did the last time and repeat. Not possible. Even killing one person as a consequence of schizophrenia is a rare thing. They usually hurt, threaten, go close to killing, but stay away from it, just because schizophrenia has to do more with repression than expression, different from psychopathy, which has to do more with calculated expression than with repression. A person who was not born schizophrenic usually becomes schizoid from not complaining, not reacting, and suffering because of whatever violence has been practiced against them. That is another reason as to why I could never be a schizoid: I complain since little. I am simply not heard. In Australia, after I finally decided to denounce all that I had endured my entire life, basically, like thanks to having personal time with that damn Trevor and for holding what we now know were very weird beliefs about The First World (perfect in all, for instance, especially compliance and loyalty in competition), I am violated in all my basic rights by authorities and everyone else, extreme violation of basic rights, what now lasts for more than fourteen years in First World Democracy. Schizoids do not complain. He has a bit of schizophrenia, since he shows conformism, but, as said before, we all do: We all have a bit of every mental illness; It is just a matter of degrees. In compensation, he is expressing his dissatisfaction to actually a potentially very large audience. That would not happen with a true schizoid, I assure you. 

Video II brings another American case of schizophrenia. This one is closer to what could be called Schizophrenia, since he looks bad, he presents himself in a poor manner, and he reports having suffered a good set of hallucinations that ended up almost killing him. One thing is clear: People may have episodes, so even schizophrenic episodes, but not have the disease, and that is like a temporary failure due to shock or things like that. Lea Ricci Pinheiro, one of the marginals/psychopaths who attack all my rights since I am five years old, once started laughing at her own joke when neither mum or me could find any fun in it, her only audience, and she laughed each time louder when she realized none of us was laughing. She went on and on for about at least ten minutes, and all on her own. My mother started laughing at a certain stage and told me that it was funny that she was laughing at her own joke and she then made me laugh, but that was obviously already a schizophrenic episode. Schizophrenia frequently has a lot to do with autism. Having an episode does not mean you have the disease. Almost every adult will have experienced some depressive episode in life by the age of twenty years old. It starts being a disease when the episodes start being frequent, as this fellow reports. In his case, however, I would bet on drugs, not schizophrenia. One thing that I observe is that he rubbed his nose in the way cocaine addicts do quite a few times. What he describes sounds a lot like a result of hallucination that appears when we are intoxicated as a derivation of being given drugs, like illegal drugs. He once more is too lucid to be a schizoid. Notwithstanding, his face, the fact that he prefers to see us from the side, and a few other signs do point at a chance of schizophrenia, so that, in his case, it is possible that we have more degrees of the disease. It seems to me that the Americans may be way behind Australia and even Brazil in what comes to mental illness. It also seems to me that The Brazilians are way ahead in terms of mental illness when compared to The Australians, since, for instance, Australia adopts shocks as one of its mental treatments at least in one of its states (QLD). Brazil abolished all forms of cruel treatment a long time ago, including solitary confinement and shocks, and this all happened after they examined a very complex and lengthy series of scientific studies. One very peculiar thing in schizoids is the laugh: They have abnormal and inadequate laugh. Their laugh is usually seen as quite annoying by normal people. Both cases we here present involve men of quite pleasant laughs: Adequate and sweet. This is something that tells me that it is unlikely that the diagnosis is accurate. The second case, however, brings some details that may point at schizophrenia, so that it is possible that it is OK in terms of diagnosis. Their memory seems too good as well: Schizoids lose memory quite easily, and it is all very different from senility. In senility, they acquire kurtosis and therefore find it easier to remember things from the remote past than to remember things from the present. Schizoids seem to create things about the past, to add and distort, and seem to find it difficult, just like drug addicts, to remember even what they ate today. Senile people do not distort or add, not usually: They remember things from their childhood as if it were today. 

Famous brings cases of famous people who they claim have been formally classified as schizophrenics. Mental illnesses have always been a very cloudy terrain because people tend to avoid the topic. Once more, they should be regarded as diseases that are like all other diseases. We notice that they say that Van Gogh is believed to have had schizophrenia (seeing his art, in special the painting with all those people, I don't think so). Once more, creativity and this disease definitely do not match. I have read books that form collections of works of art made by schizoids and none of them shows creativity, like it is nothing that I can appreciate having a sane mind, thanks God classified by a ton of doctors as completely sane and by a few tests even as a brilliant mind for certain things. They tend to draw confusing things without much shape or sense. In fact, they also have very poor studies on art and mental illness. In this very link that I have just provided, I found art (the one with the guy who has the hand on the head) that may tell us that the person is not a schizoid. On the other hand, medication may nowadays put their brain more in order, so that they may be able to draw and paint with more coherence. I notice the regularity involved in a few of these paintings, and I do not think such a regularity was possible in the past. If their disease has been stopped thanks to medication, they will come back to the ordinary, not extraordinary, so that I think I am sure that schizophrenia is a disease that either brings triviality or appears in trivial minds. They say that Pink Floyd's Barrett, who is told to be a songwriter for them, was a schizo. I am sorry, but he did a lot of drugs and full stop (unless he composed weird melodies and weird lyrics. I selected one that I thought was a bit weird. Did he create the tabs? I also don't think it is possible that he did if he was a schizo. If someone else did that for him, then it is possible). Drug addicts are put together with mentally ill patients almost everywhere on earth, so that doctors might also get confused, especially IN THE USA. A term that the police of Australia has adopted was actually suggested by me somehow to Trevor in that end of 2001: Voluntarily Impaired. That is to say that the person has impaired their mental functions on a voluntary manner by means of consuming drugs or alcohol. The symptoms of mental illness then appear, but, again, they should then be episodes of mental illness, not the own mental illness. We can tell, however, that it all depends on how much and with what frequency you consume drugs. Rogerio de Oliveira, another psychopath who attacks me since at most the end of our second year of relationship, is a drug addict, as explained so many times before. All his relatives believed that he was a mentally ill person when I met him. None of my relatives ever believed I had any sort of mental illness until Lea Ricci Pinheiro, and, later on, Veronica Pinheiro Vieira, together with Rogerio de Oliveira, started spreading rumors. Once more, in Brazil, if you can prove in a court that your relative, who lives with you, who financially depends on you, cannot manage their own life, then you can interdict them and get their money. Because I am worth millions of dollars since 2000 (The Sorites, solution), all my miserable (and I have plenty of relatives because my family is Italian/Spanish) and parasitic, unscrupulous and criminal relatives want me to be regarded as a mentally ill person, want me to be forced to stay in Brazil, in one of their houses, and want me to then be legally interdicted. I never told them I was worth millions of dollars with my research, but, thanks to Trevor Skinner, it all went in real time to the bastards/monsters. Two of my siblings tried to get me to agree to interdict my own mother several times in Brazil, and it was all because of the Child Support she got from my father, an amount of money that nowadays would perhaps be equivalent to two thousand Australian dollars per month. They wanted that money for themselves and said that to mum several times, a few of those at my face. I watched my sister, centimeters away from the face of my mother, saying that dad's money, which was actually given to mum because of me, who was little, actually belonged to her, like it belonged neither to me nor to mum. She actually shows signs of really serious mental illness since early in life, but mum always found a way of making me believe that it was something else, such as when she laughs and laughs and laughs. My sister only saw psychologists in her life, and, even so, only one, like ever. She abandoned therapy at an early stage, and therefore she left therapy against the will of the psychologist. I do think she is very disturbed, but I always thought it was because she was demoniac, rather than ill, so just like psychopathy, and I do not consider psychopathy mental illness, since they are too intelligent to be in the same place as mentally ill people. I reckon they are evil, not mentally ill. 

Now, lots of people who attack me seem to have considered the words of the marginals who destroy my life, career, privacy, property, and freedom rights for more than fourteen years in First World as the words of God, basically, like above medicine and the law. They obviously thought that all was very convenient, since they could use all that to escape prosecution, jail, due punishment, and to still steal my original ideas, worth millions, from me. I think Australia and Brazil are definitely shameless countries in those regards: Their authorities are completely corrupt, immoral, and criminal. I think they took advantage of the defamation I was denouncing and simply destroyed me using the powers of The State and violating all the laws in place 24/7 for now more than fourteen years in a row in First World Democracy. I see everyone horrified and denouncing what I endure all the time together with my mother and others in Brazil, and I see us all as horrible victims of The State. Several relatives of mine denounced with me and it is definitely the corruption of The State, the immorality of The State, that made all this possible all these years. Thanks to that, not only the perpetrators I denounced in that end of 2001, but all the other perpetrators, who joined those after the phenomenon Trevor Skinner, succeeded in getting away with all they did and do to me so far. How much longer will this go for? Please pray The New Rosary and ask God to help me have full restoration of human rights plus maximum human justice immediately. 

Mental illness and even illness and vulnerability in general is a paradise for perpetrators, as far as I know. Famous cases appear in the news with frequency: I published in my blog that of a guy who raped corpses in the USA (defenseless people for sure!). Another one raped female psychiatric patients on the belief that nobody would believe them even if they tried to denounce. I have just watched a porn movie (males, gay, free) where the man simulated raping another in a situation of prison director and prisoner. How common would that be in reality and how much that simple porn flick would increase figures of those events in jail? Vulnerability, and incapacity of defending ourselves is exactly my situation when I go to Judith Cook in that end of 2001. How easy is it for the authority to take advantage of us and do whatever they want? In being righteous, we will always trust them and tell all. The simple fact that they get all that information empowers them and makes us be infinitely more vulnerable. It is all very unfortunate. We get a Judith Cook, and, as far as we can see, life is realistically over. 

As another point about the art of schizoids, I just remembered the obvious: That it all has to do with when the disease gets the person. If the person had exotic drawing abilities, so say they were twenty years old and painted professionally when the disease got them, it is possible that their art will be good because they already knew that before the disease. What I had in my head was probably cases in which the person is born in that way (probably because when I worked with schizoids in Brazil, those were doing Primary School). The disease freezes learning and creativity from the point it arrives, but, if they were already brilliant when it got to them, as they say it happened with that guy from A Beautiful Mind, then they should still be able to be brilliant. A really creative person, however, should not become a schizoid by any other means that be not drugs or immense shock, so say they kill everyone around them or something: They will find a way of expressing things. Once more, schizophrenia has to do with repression, not expression: Whoever is able to express themselves well, and therefore those who do acting, dancing, and things like that, should be totally safe or safe to the best that they can be. It is just like it is with AIDS: Have safe sex, and it is practically impossible. There are cases, however, so say the dentist that got a blood drop from the HIV-infected patient. It is just best precaution measures. I think my mother was a lot worried about mental illness because of people like Nilza Braganca Pinheiro, Veronica's mother: Everyone in the family thought she was a schizoid. She then worried quite a lot, since I was little: She put me to do dance, music, theater, etc. I am truly grateful for what mum, dad, and grandma brought to my life. As I keep on repeating, I could never have found better upbringers (my term). Even in Australia I was always with a little foot in the arts, so that I was doing some acting in that 2001, for instance. I was part of Cinderella with Tony Rainer back then. I myself worry quite a lot about all that mum worried about in terms of health. It is a sacrilege what the entire human kind let happen to my perfect head, body, career, and life since that end of 2001: From starters, it is absolutely illegal and unconstitutional, then it is gratuitous, unprovoked, and then it is started, supported, and ran by the own authorities for law and order that I trusted would never increase crime against me, and, if anything, would stop it immediately, as soon as aware, especially in terms of seeing all themselves. Already back then Tony Milone said that Rogerio de Oliveira and Lea Ricci Pinheiro were responsible for the abuses/crimes I was enduring that far in the Higher Education sector of Australia. I am still suffering crimes that are coming from precisely Lea Ricci Pinheiro and Rogerio de Oliveira. This is fifteen years later, not to be believed, and all comes on top of all other crimes practiced by everyone else. What I endure is ALSO still a consequence of the same type of defamation at least sometimes (they say that I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, for instance). The most shocking part is that these people, who spread this sort of rumor, definitely believe that their voices are the voice of God: Above the law and medicine. Instead of the authority going there, pointing a finger at their faces, and forcing them to do a psychiatric check themselves, it is me who is paying for their crimes, which I so painfully denounced in that end of 2001, until nowadays. There had to be a limit as for what people can do to us in terms of evil and get away with after we become part of The First World, there had to be a limit.  I would think that the limit for the corruption and immorality in the Brazilian authorities for law and order would be me moving to Australia in that 2000, but, as for what we can see, there is realistically no limit. And we also would think that there was never any allowance for any amount of corruption and immorality in The First World authorities. It is all realistically SURREAL, absolutely unacceptable. 

Symptoms is a video that brings part of the story. There is another video uploaded by the same person that brings another part of the story. I am afraid people are realistically extremely irresponsible when it comes to mental illnesses. Reasons are several: In places like Brazil, people are frequently legally interdicted by those living with them, so that those can actually take their property and enjoy in their place. The more we don't have everyone knowing the correct list of symptoms, the more likely it is that the person ends up like that. People who give statements against others in legal procedures ALSO may have their words invalidated if we can prove that they were out of their minds when saying them. The list goes on and on. The list of this video is the most comprehensive I have seen in virtual material, but is still very criminal and irresponsible. One of the things that is part of what is most basic is the lack of achievement, of progress in studies and production. If the person produces even one new book, they cannot have schizophrenia. It is not possible. As they say, the person stops doing their usual, but the most important part is the cognition, the production, not the social life, since people can, for instance, be bullied, as I frequently am, and stop taking part of those groups for being bullied. Perhaps, as in my case, they are being bullied because others go around spreading that they are insane or criminal or something. There are several ways of bullying others, as we now know very well, with the great advancement in the studies about bullying that has taken place in the last fourteen years plus. One of the ways is sending the same people to greet the person, a sort of stalk them, and greet the person in exactly the same way, like with no possible connection or anything like that, each and every time they go somewhere, as I am saying they did with the guards here, in Adelaide. The less information people have on mental illnesses, the  more cases like mine can appear and the more people who are absolutely brilliant, people who can produce to highest amount in human kind and in the most relevant way as possible, can be stopped by brutal crimes, extreme violation of human rights of even governmental order. The amount of corruption in the governmental systems of Australia and Brazil still shocks me. All these years suffering atrocities and they all know, basically, their entire governmental structure. They may invent whatever they like, but those who, for instance, stalk me on a regular basis, and you can tell from the governmental cameras that I am not lying, like just observe my visits to the library, for instance, what the security guards in Adelaide do at the State library, for instance, may obviously have been told that I am a mentally ill person that they need to control/watch over and believe that that is the case in a genuine manner. As long as those people have no adequate information about mental illness, they can do that. That is obviously a horrible crime, for it oppresses me quite a lot. One day, I was teaching a private student in the library, and David (and remember that this name, David, had been marked at Brendon's house through an enormous box put in front of me: It was John Shepherd and David the names that I was forced to see there as I arrived, so that everything is made to cause me fear or trauma with all intention on earth, and all crime on earth. God really loves me, I guarantee you), one of the security guards that kinda stalked me there, opened the door of the room to ask weird questions that intimidated me. That is just one occasion. That has horrible psychological effects and does make me feel awkward, if nothing else. I observe that this irresponsible video says psychopathic/psychotic disorder. No, schizophrenia IS NOT a psychopathic disease at all. That is absolutely equivocated information, and may, once more, come from the USA, very unfortunately. You will read the definition of psychosis I here pinched and you will see that it says that contact with the external reality is lost. Schizos do acknowledge the presence of others, and are usually very much willing to have physical contact. They are definitely not monotonous in their speech, so that the information in these videos is also wrong. Schizos are full of feelings, a carnival of those, as I said before: They suffer from repression, not expression, and they frequently change those repressed feelings into nonsensical speech and actions, precisely the opposite to all this. Psychopaths have monotonous speech, not schizos. Lea Ricci Pinheiro will always speak to you using the same tune of voice. That is a true psychopath, someone who spends life coldly calculating what they say and if they will get the intended effects with their actions and speech or not. She will yell and yet her voice will irritate you as much as when she speaks normally because it is almost the same tune, believe it or not. Shocks destroy the human brain forever, better that you know, and several studies, at least in South America, have proved that they do that without ever improving anything. The same happens with solitary confinement: It destroys the human being forever and improves nothing. Lobotomy, another atrocious psychiatric practice, just like lobotomy and shocks, has been proven by scientists, perhaps from South America and in Portuguese, to only harm the individual's mind and to only destroy their lives, nothing else. We must be alert for what is acceptable ALSO in terms of sources of information. Some countries, some professionals, and some cultures are way behind in terms of Psychiatry and have the habit of releasing incompetent studies that actually misinform and harm human kind. Once more, see my studies on Dragomir's work or even on Corcoran's or even on Watts' (Watts was advertised in Brazil as a great innovator, was advertised on the Internet as a creator of the Six Degree Theory, but this had been created by Milgram, a psychologist, many years before Watts' works, as I said in my paper, and the own Milgram, even being from Psychology, proved himself that the theory was equivocated, quite sadly. If this happens and we are here living a reality in which many people, like I did until the end of 2001, believe all that, so many years after Milgram, what do you think of a terrain that nobody dares not even entering in conversations with others?). There is information there that is obviously wrong. Yet, that goes around for decades as if it is all correct and lots of people will follow that piece of work of theirs and even copy as it is. That is what destroys us all, as a whole. Freud is reliable: His works are a result of years and years dedicated to the topic. You will see that he defends no drugs for psychiatric illnesses. You will accompany his work, from his own writings, and you will also be fascinated, as I was. He was a true genius. People who actually work instead of using their jobs and allowances to harm others and human kind will make you feel as if you are entering a new world, you will simply feel that all they say is correct, swear. Whatever sounds infantile, as this poor Power Point presentation, or superficial, probably is. Psychiatric illness is one of the most serious things on earth, something that can change your life from heavens to hell in one second. We must respect that and act appropriately. No responsible scientist, teacher, presenter, etc., would build a video like this: This is infantile, conveys very poorly researched information, very incomplete, and makes you leave the show without anything that really matters, basically. A single book that I read written by the own Freud had more than 500 pages. You obviously would not be able to simplify schizophrenia to the level of a six minute video, I am sorry. Also, there is no such a thing as positive and negative symptoms: There are symptoms. This is to confuse us, to make us not really understand the disease. This list is to make us think of Mathematics where there shouldn't be any. This is the same thing Hyde and Priest have done for The Sorites: Confused us all. That problem belongs to the Purely Human part of Language, as I said so many times, not to Mathematics. Mathematics is abstraction and does not involve human beings. Freud was one of the greatest humanists of all times: He loved human beings, as I did in that end of 2001. We have passion for understanding human kind, for helping, for contributing to maximum that we can toward human progress on earth, etc. This is a cartoon sort of presentation that basically scoffs at the disease and changes it all into practically computer language and therefore changes humans into points in a computer screen or something. I call these people numberphiles or something like that in my work. Sorry. I cannot find the word right now and I have to go. I will polish this soon. 

I am thinking that it became a bit confusing saying that schizophrenia resembles autism at least sometimes, and, at the same time, saying that it is not psychotic or psychopathic. Let me explain this part: Schizophrenic people seem to experience autistic episodes, but most of the time they seem to be very present, especially after medicated. In any hypothesis, most of the time they look very present and try to touch people, they are actually willing to have contact with people, especially physical. They then have psychotic episodes, but, as explained before, they would have to be way more frequent for us to call it psychotic disorder. The schizoid can spend several hours piling things, for instance, or kicking a chair against the wall. During those hours, it is possible that they will answer to nobody. They will still react to touch and things like that, whilst the autistic usually doesn't, so that this is the difference, I reckon. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Costa Family

I was told that the boys from Ney Amado Costa and Terezinha Costa once stole the plates from the streets in Rio Grande and brought them home, and I actually think I even saw one of them, like you know the plates where the government prints the name of the street? Those. As far as I know, they are public property and that is at least vandalism and theft, what should generate jail. They got away with all, however, and were never even charged or officially caught, as incredible as it may seem. When asked why, none of them could come up with anything. They kept those plates inside of their bedrooms for an eternity of time. 

I was just a kid and I was left alone with the boys a couple of times. When I was little, I already loved being amongst men, so that I did not find that bad at all. The problem appeared when we were all inside of someone's bedroom, and I do not recall which bedroom was that, but probably Rudney's, and it was then the boys and a few of their male friends, perhaps six others, and they started doing marijuana. They should never do that in front of me, but they should never do that in general, so that they were now irritated because they wanted to smoke the drug and I was with them and without anyone else. I was kinda cute when I was a kid, a kid who never realistically did anything wrong, so that it was pretty hard to get rid of me, but they had to, like Lord Drug was calling or something. It was incredible to notice that they had no topic, and no other possible amusement, like they really had no creativity in terms of what to do in life. 

I was taken by one of them to somewhere else on that occasion, I reckon, perhaps to the living room, so that at least one of them remained with me whilst they were doing those things inside.

I think all of them know, but I am only sure about Vilnei (or Vilney or Vylnei), like that he knows of the crimes I endure. As far as I know, he has done nothing to help or give me justice. I had once thought that things are all connected, just for observing people, like, once more, they had much more age than me, and they were supposed to basically be my entertainment: drugs and crime. 

I think drugs make the person become insensitive and useless. Also, in the vast majority of the time, harmful. 

In general, I had nothing in common with people from Brazil all the time: they were so much more unhealthy, so much idler, useless, harmful, etc. I normally felt disgusted with their choices in life, their presentation, their habits, their behavior, and, more than anything else, their spirit. My impression was always that they were what they have done to me all these fourteen years plus: destruction and loss every second of their lives, like destruction and loss for the entire human kind and this world, not only for me. I was so incredibly happy in Australia up to that end of 2001: Everything and everyone seemed to match me somehow instead. They all liked sports and shared those with their girlfriends, they were all into healthy foods and healthy habits, such as community barbecue, they were of my skin color, as for vast majority, and also of my type, like tall, light eyes, etc. They had what to do when they were old, so that they should not bother young people, as for all I saw up to that end of 2001, all very different from Brazil, where old people are parasites of the young ones: Here they even volunteered and worked even for free after retirement, so much they liked being useful. In Brazil, you don't even hear about volunteering, so much it is precisely the opposite, like all mentality and all else. I told that to Trevor as well. I find it unfortunate that the way I found out what the old people in Australia REALLY are, which is basically Brazilian, was suffering atrocities. I wish I had had a choice, especially a fair one, at most in that 2002, quite sincerely. I wish I could enjoy freedom, privacy, and property like everyone else. I think that either I had a completely distorted and delusional take on Australia or they are all bugged in the head with the CIA bug, this since 2002, quite sincerely. I would say that they pretty much act as if, and Rio de Janeiro is capable of robbing an entire beach of people in half an hour, so that... . It is simply not possible to accept that this is the same Australia that I thought I knew in that end of 2001, quite sincerely. They did look and sound like myself several times, so say, for instance, when they had that concern with enjoying a family life, inviting friends over for a home BBQ, and this sort of thing or when they did ballroom dancing, old style, and tried hard to impress, things like that. I am still in shock, what is a shame. I really don't know what else I could be trying, since all that comes to my mind, at this stage, after federal cops ALSO from Adelaide know from seeing and do nothing, is that there is only the banner-exit and I obviously depend on third parties to have it out there with that saying: I ... saw Marcia R Pinheiro suffering hacking, obstruction of all communication lines, defamation, etc., like whatever they saw, this all in Australia attacked by Brazilian people. No constitution anymore?

In Brazil, it is forbidden to do drugs, not only to sell them, so that Costa's kids should have been to jail at least a couple of times each one of them, but, as far as I know, they have never gone not even close to it. This might be because Ney became rich with the lottery or because he works on TV or because he was into politics a couple of times. Oh, well, watching and letting it happen is the same as committing atrocities, so that they are ALSO getting away with all they do to me for an eternity of time, and it all comes back to that story of oppressor and oppressed all the time, is it not? There is only God, only God.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Dinah de Oliveira

Dinah de Oliveira is Rogério de Oliveira's sister. She is much older than him and her age is close to the age of the generation of my sister, Léa Ricci Pinheiro, THE MONSTER. She did acting and was actually part of a famous play that I watched called Bliss (it is not my usual choice of play. I watched it because Rogério wanted to watch his sister. I am an exceptional companion, so that I went). She was also into drugs, marijuana at least, with the husband. They used to go to a place in Minas Gerais to enjoy their drugs better, a rustic place, like all together (even because they could be arrested if caught, since it was illegal): Rogério, her, and her husband. I believe she is the person who made Rogério become a dependent, and therefore the person who ruined his career, his love life, and his life in general. And I wish she had stopped by the brother in terms of destructive effort, is it not?

Basically, the first sexual experience Rogério had, as for what he told me, was with one of her friends, a lesbian. This place in Minas was full of lesbians according to Rogério and, indeed, the only time he took me there, we met a couple of those, and he seemed to know them well. In the play that I have here mentioned, Bliss, Dinah appeared completely naked, what shocked me quite a lot, as I told Rogério back then. Part of the people who attack me told me several times, in several different ways, that I should basically be displaying my body, naked, in front of others, just like Carla The Vaca, one of the main violators, does. I am now connecting that to her. I thought that we should only expose our bodies as they come to this world to our sexual partners, and this is what I thought my entire life. I think that this is part of romance, of the sacrifices we should endure to please the partner, like our bodies are theirs, not ours, just like the Bible says, when it comes to lust at least. I find what Dinah did repulsive, especially because she was married and the husband was not one of the actors and, as far as I know, he has never appeared naked before any other woman. I did have a beautiful body, worth displaying, if one thinks of aesthetics, before this all started, but it was a personal choice, something that came in my soul, this thing of wanting to keep it secret at least in the sexual bits. I myself end up disliking men who expose themselves to other women, like I would not like to date them, and I am very much into equality, so that... . 

I just found out, also by consulting Lattes, that Dinah Oliveira ALSO decided TO BE in my place and at my enslaved expense, basically, like realistically it is all I saw in my life happening in Brazil: Every person that I met was realistically a parasite, a life watcher, someone without objectives of their own, ready to attack and steal the life of the other, someone without personality, envious and bitchy, coward and criminal, and able to do anything at all to guarantee that the other would not be happier or better than them. 

This now matches the entire picture: They then ruined my perfect career, life in general, but life in Australia, First World, more than anything else, the only life I have ever known as life myself, my perfect existence in general, committing now more than fourteen years of atrocities against a defenseless me, basically put into full illegal and unconstitutional slavery since the end of 2001 by the Brazilian animals living here or in Brazil, some even in the USA, such as João Carlos Ricci Terra, so that I would be as nothing as Rogério was, and their hopes were then that, if I were nobody, nothing, then I would accept being with a man that I spent years trying to get rid of, believe it or not. The entire human kind watched, applauded, and supported unconditionally, as this festival of atrocities was being perpetrated against my defenseless life, head, and body, my existence in general, only God knows why. In the end of 2001, I was asking more than eight world authorities to protect me against Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, on top of the entire Australian TV press, so that my case is just to show that, realistically, if you are a woman born in Brazil, you have no rights everywhere on earth, and you are definitely not seen as a citizen, as a person, as an adult, as someone with rights, especially rights to property, freedom, and privacy, anywhere on earth. I spent my entire life building DESPITE the existence of Rogério and free loaders like him, always DESPITE and never with their help, to end up with everything I built with extraordinary effort being ruined by what is perceived by me, since the end of 2001, as the entire human kind, with all intentions on earth, 24/7, with them all in full breach of every law of Brazil and Australia, every major law in both countries, this because they were obsessed with me and couldn't let go, this because they envied me and couldn't accept that I was better and greater, this because I hated them absolutely and unconditionally and finally found people I wanted to be with and they couldn't accept being not only dumped, but replaced with infinite profit with other people, and it is just like that: I lose my only opportunity on earth for them, despite all systems and agreements in place. I still lose all my treasures of a lifetime of extraordinary effort having to watch their repulsive and dumped race and Country literally fuck... in First World in my place and at my enslaved expense, getting jobs that I always wanted and had guaranteed with extraordinary effort for myself at my enslaved expense and in my place, getting prestige and rewards that only I deserved in my place and at my enslaved expense, etc. There should be a limit as for how much people live at our expense, especially against our will and the laws, but there obviously isn't. Not only did I spend every second of my life being exploited in Brazil in a vile manner, sabotaged in all senses in all I did, back stabbed, betrayed, and all else, but I also spent every second in Australia suffering some sort of atrocity because of a Brazilian marginal who is not recorded with the official systems as a marginal, despite all they have done in life even that far (up to the end of 2001). I denounced all I had to denounce to the right people, as for all I know, and in the only way that I could. If the English was not good, I am pretty sure the information was all there. Authorities from both Australia and Brazil are absolutely obliged to serve ALSO me with no discrimination and are absolutely obliged to do exactly what they should, as a minimum thing, yet they all do the extreme opposite to all they should and promise doing and Australia pathetically watches a Last World Country, hated by the entire human kind, despised by the entire world, not only by me, ruining every inch of my perfect head, body, life, and career now for more than fourteen years with me absolutely defenseless during the entire process of criminal end of all that was me in that end of 2001, and God knows that I could not love myself any further. In the end of 2001, I told that disgusting and infinitely repulsive Trevor Skinner that I was going to work on how to preserve age and body in humans because I had, as a main point, preserving myself exactly in the way that I looked and was in that end of 2001. There should be a limit even in terms of betrayal by The State: There should be a limit on how disloyal, how filthy, how coward, and monstrous the attacks of The State against us are. There should be a way of guaranteeing our rights against the Last World countries. Women from Brazil ended up in a much worse situation than any woman from any Islamic Country because, sincerely, we simply do not see, or hear about, women from Islam being tormented or attacked in any sense by their countries of origin once they are in the First World. It is only Brazil that does such a thing, as far as I know, and it had to be precisely with me. I have no idea about how many Brazilian women have been violated in their most basic and legally guaranteed rights by Brazil once they are overseas, and it is still possible that they all died in the first year of institutional and governmental attacks of Brazil over them, as it was certainly supposed to be my case, but, as for the information that goes around, which I now know is very little, I am the first case. This is full 16 years of disservice and therefore institutional crime of Brazil against me, full 16, since I was already enduring crime from Brazilian banks and other institutions in 2000, upon arriving, and more than fourteen of atrocities. If I died in 2002, I would always think, like supposing all that I know after death is what I know before it, what must however not be true, that who created all atrocities I endured was Australia. I was supposed to have died even in the end of 2001 instead, when Cameron Plant and Bradley Paul Neal were already associated with Rogério de Oliveira and his marginals in order to criminally victimize me. 

We should be more prepared to combat Last World marginals in the First World and it could never be the case that if I could denounce, if I could express myself, I ended up like this. I do admit that the more hurt, the more injured I feel by authority of law and order, the worse my English is, and it must have been the case that understanding me in that end of 2001 was not easy. Notwithstanding, given the amount of sacrifices that I am subjected to all these more than fourteen years ALSO in those regards, having to deal with Asians and Indians, the worst ones, since some of them almost cannot express themselves in any way in English, and given the fact that I end up understanding them, this cannot be used as an excuse. I certainly had English of at least academic level, easily proven through all my marks, courses, and all else. There should be a limit for disloyalty and parasitism, quite sincerely. 

Anyway, after ruining my everything, my ALL, without me having not even a fighting chance from beginning to end, now fourteen years plus, they noticed that I would not be back to Rogério anyway (and that was obvious, from departure, for the only reason we were split was me, not him), so that Dinah, whose powers keep the world press without saying a world about what I endure all these years, as for my best evaluation, and this is then more than fourteen years, decided that I was going to be a lesbian, basically: My partner would now be her. She was going to be an academic and I was going to have to watch her ascending, believe it or not. There should be a limit, but there isn't. Shameless Brazil of all marginals, free loaders, vagabonds, plagiarists, thieves, usurpers, bitches, and violators of human rights on earth, and shameless Australia of people who basically pay to see. What else? I say I need infinite protection against Brazil, that all that matters is information, that they must protect the information I am giving to them at any expense against Brazil, and they let them hear all I told Trevor in real time in Brazil? They like watching after making it all possible, basically. Australians can only enjoy cowardice, atrocity, and disloyalty, especially when they are authorities for law and order. It had to all be a joke and nothing else BUT a joke, a nightmare I could simply wake up and forget, like back to normality and all as it should be. There is only God, quite sincerely!

There is more: It is actually easy to prove that things are in this way. You will find a woman who looks exactly like Dinah presenting a TV show at the moment in Australia, a TV show about tribes, exotic places, and things like that. She was then choosing between TV and Academia, basically whatever I PREFERRED, believe it or not. They are drug addicts, psychopaths, and vagabonds, yet they command even our media all these years. The fact that they command even my life and body makes me lose in all for more than fourteen years, endure absolutely irreversible losses, all made criminally, by means of atrocities, in full violation of every law of Brazil and Australia, but, whilst they never deserved not even a second of their human lives, I deserved every inch plus more of my infinitely perfect life, career, head, and body in that end of 2001. I owed absolutely nothing, especially to these monsters, free loaders, and vagabonds who are responsible for all from beginning to end. From beginning to end it is as if God does not exist, quite sincerely. We know I am only alive and thinking and walking because of God, but it is, at the same time, as if He does not exist, quite sincerely. How could this even start? Why me? I worked so hard, I studied so much, I never missed classes or work, and I never failed in any of my promises to anyone before this all started. I was a person who never got to work late and who was always there during the entire lot of hours that I promised in writing being in exchange for my salary or advantages. It can only be a joke, all of it!

To make it all worse, I never had to choose between one profession and another and I could always have worked in both, as I always did that far. I never saw any reason to choose between dating and working either. Since this all started, they also seem to threaten me in that sense: that it is either love or work, that it is either acting or academic work, etc. They effectively succeed, very unfortunately, with all that they do, and limit my choices to usually one or two things, like it is unbelievable. Even Hamish told me that I had to choose between my telephonic work and his information, basically, at a certain stage, believe it or not, when information is indeed all that matters. I don't think I have to choose between one commodity and the other, but, effectively, that is the sort of hell my existence became since that end of 2001, very unfortunately. It all started with the story of choosing between native and non-native, that there were teams, etc. I still find it all absolutely unbelievable. Effectively, however, it was never possible to choose a team, like whilst Sofo could have been an alternative at VUT, as said before, Horadam did not seem to be an alternative. There is no such a thing, and this is what schizos like Sever or Nilza do not really understand. Since there is nobody in practice for my basic human rights, their decisions rule, very unfortunately. I would never choose Sever or Brazil over native Australians and Australia, and I never chose black people over white (I was born in a white part of Brazil, Porto Alegre, even though Rio de Janeiro is mostly black. I spent a reasonable amount of time in Rio de Janeiro before coming to Australia. I am white myself and whites are massacred over in Brazil by blacks every day. We cannot live in Rio because of the blacks and their crimes, basically) or Sri Lankians over native Australians, and so on, and the others, those who were not chosen, they appeal to crime to say that I am with them. The reason why I only succeed in publishing my 2001 article on S-convexity six years later, therefore after the human rights period for prosecution was over, as for Australia, is Brazil. They still made sure Sever published with Aequationes before I did (I think I am sure Sever had not even submitted his paper to Aequationes before I submit mine), so that those who are not from Science would believe that that was called ethics. S-convexity WAS NOT Sever's topic. It was Hudzik's and Maligranda's instead and those published with Aequationes way before I submit my paper to them, what happened already in 2001. Since they got the information pretending to be native Australians, disguised as Trevor or because of Trevor's treason, it all ends up like this. 

When I was at VUT, by the end of my times there, someone put a camera downstairs, on the ground floor. I sincerely thought it had been Tony Milone, but now I am thinking that it was someone connected to Dinah because it has to do precisely with acting, in my best guess. I thought they were saying that I liked showing off, like the idiots who, without having reason, want to simply be on the spotlight. I would think it is precisely the opposite, that it obviously is those who attack me that would like to be on the spotlight at any expense, including, in this at any expense, my every single basic right for more than fourteen years in a row. I did love my own image, yes. Before this all started, one of my dreams was acting in a movie with Tom Cruise, being his pair, an adventure movie, yes, and I did enjoy acting as a hobby, like I was involved in plays during the weekends and things like that. Notwithstanding, I had studied acting for quite a few years, actually since Primary School, I had also studied my Mathematics for decades even, etc., so that my talents, skills, and whatever I had to expose were the result of an infinite amount of lonely efforts, and each one of those had been achieved, I assure you, DESPITE the entire human kind, this including ALSO Australia, for my despair and shock. A bit more passed in Australia, a lot more, especially in what regards what I wanted, what I asked, but still much more resistance and opposition to my efforts and fights than help and facilitation, very unfortunately, or cultural difficulties, as Graham Priest said, with me finally agreeing with him, like I now do see things in a different way, like things that I could have done to fix all still in time and avoid aggravation. 

Dinah is the picture of the dominant elite in Rio de Janeiro, just like my own sister, Renato Gaui Filho, Anna Fillipecki, and João Carlos: They fight for nothing. Everything they have was made possible by someone else almost all the time. She is a woman from the South Zone, where almost everyone does drugs, prostitution, and absence of ethics, basically. I lived in the South Zone for a while because of my father, and I actually much preferred there to where we moved, the North Zone, but the North Zone is about communities and families, and the South Zone is about enjoyment and selfishness. I spent about six months living in Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens), still a very family place in terms of the South Zone, like in comparison. My sister, however, lived even in a balcony of someone else, like the Asians do in Australia, so that she could be there, in the South Zone, where all the fever was, basically, like all the mundane, night, life. Eliane was raised there, and so was Dinah. These people simply know somebody and get their jobs whilst the entire rest of the Country competes with even 40,000 plus people, as in my case, for a simple administrative position, and this would be tons of postgraduate people trying to get that dozen of positions offered, and with all of them still thinking it is a true miracle that they got one. It is pretty sad because, in the end of the day, what I go through simply corroborates the catastrophic image that Renato Gaui Filho and my sister and Anna Fillipecki and even Plato had of human life: It is all oppressed and oppressor, like we will never find a way out of this. If we choose to defend the oppressed, as I did, we are condemned to spend life on earth as one of them, basically. Either we don't have a heart or a soul or we don't succeed, basically. It had to be possible. 

When João Carlos got his first paid job, with Pittman, if I am not mistaken, do you think that he gave grandma, who had practically raised him, something? Do you think he bothered at least about taking grandma to see a better specialist when he was in the USA as a citizen for many years driving luxury sports cars and motorcycles? Negative (I said in another blog that, as for what I think, he and his mother actually killed her)! When he got his first salary, he moved to Lagoa (Lagoon, where Renato Gaui Filho ALSO lived), one of the most expensive suburbs in Rio de Janeiro, to a luxury apartment, an entire apartment for himself, something of the size of grandma's apartment just for himself, but with only modern fittings, full security, and luxury written everywhere. That is what cariocas do, my dears. I did beg him to pay a better specialist, to find one, or even do research on better drugs, and, believe it or not, he still works with pharmaceutical drugs nowadays (he did back then!). Nothing! Do you think that some day of his life he paid a bill from  grandma's home? Negative. Now guess for how long he was grandma's parasite? For how long grandma had to cook and clean for him and clean after him (it obviously does not matter if she does it all personally or the maid does part of it, since it is all her power, her home, right?), take care of him, tolerate him, and reserve space in her home for him AND his mother? He would not even graduate in Primary School, as far as I know, it were not my parents adopting him formally. Guess what he did? He finished with my life and all that involves my existence in more than fourteen years of continuous atrocities to live at the expense of my stolen intellect and others and still finished with the end of the life of my mother gratuitously and against every law of Australia and Brazil: That is what the carioca man gives in exchange for help. He betrayed his wife, Carrie, the woman who took him from Brazil, gave him free accommodation, a home, a family, and American citizenship. Missing something to understand who is who? And whilst he was doing that, what were I and mum doing? Mum was going to grandma's to clean the sh.. of my uncle, Hyperides, for instance, and to try to make him become clean (he is an alcoholic), so that grandma would be less annoyed. She was providing grandma and him with her psychological services, which are valued at at least 100 dollars per hour back then in average in our suburb, for free and for as long as they wanted or needed, believe it or not. I was making company to grandma, taking her to the church and to walk around, tinting her hair, giving her attention and entertaining her, etc. I however was not raised by grandma. I at most spent short periods of time with her. My mother NEVER lived with grandma since she moved to Rio de Janeiro. Agnella was there for ages, sleeping in the living room, bothering grandma and making every sort of aggression to her on a daily basis, on top of risking her health by smoking inside of the apartment and frequently sleeping with the butt still active and the TV on. 

Carla The Vaca said she lived in Botafogo, which is South Zone. Verônica Pinheiro Vieira lived her entire life in Leblon, South Zone. These are two of my worst violators/aggressors, as said on other blog posts. Carla paid for nothing, if I understood well, it was Mário that paid all in what regarded their stay in Australia. Verônica's life in 1999 was going to the beach every day, going up and down in a soul-displaying bikini, as we say, and randomly picking men. Once a week, two hours a week, she would teach because of a public school job in Biology. She was doing her Master's in Biology from home and rarely went to her university, UFF. If I recall well, perhaps once a week, a few hours only. She was engaged to a Jewish lawyer, as she herself said, and the family would have to have money, is it not? They saw each other once or twice a week when I was there and he sometimes called. Nilza, her mother, got the apartment from her father or her husband. None of them produced any wealth for themselves, even though Nilza still got to run a postgraduate course with the sister, Mercedes. All the assets they had, which did not include a car of their own in 1999, had been given by other people, basically. I confirmed, in all these years of crime, that she had absolutely no scientific value, that the only book I know she wrote, the one on Science through which I studied in my college, can only have been her husband's work and, out of generosity, he put her name there. It had to be a joke!

I do all my work on my own, without any help and with all obstruction on earth since I started in professional research. I wrote twenty books already in 2002 on my own, obviously before the atrocities worsened up. You know what I did with my first good salary in life? I bought a video and a TV set for both mum and me, brand new, since none of us had that, believe it or not. My mother was living in Florianópolis already. I was still living in Rio. Each one of us paid their own expenses. That is the difference. And, by the way, I ended up acknowledging SOB, who had done all they had done to me, all these years, so that you will see a thank you note to Hyde, for instance, in my paper on The Sorites. I thank people who deserve nothing but a slap. They do not appreciate my effort not even to the point of recognizing my finding, not even with me enduring all these atrocities all these years, not even to the point of getting me a permanent academic position or simply letting me have it, not even when I have not only solved The Sorites for good, but Russell's Paradox, the Liar Paradox, the Hanging Paradox, the shape of S-convexity, and tons of other mysteries in Science. That is the difference. 

Do you know how Renato got his job at PGM? He was personal friends with Eliane. Do you know how Eliane got hers? Her father was an ex Procurator General. Eliane cannot possibly have sat for a single honest exam in her life, I am afraid, like she definitely would not be able to pass. Anna was the girlfriend of Fabius Esteves when I started at SENAI and Fabius was the son of the owner, so that I guess that is how she got her job there and how she became a coordinator for Science. Verônica moved from living at the expense of her mother in the free apartment to living at the expense of her husband, André, after the marriage, believe it or not. Rogério de Oliveira never got a job until I was living in Rocha, what happened after my father died, and my father died in 1991. At that stage, I had been working for about 8 years. His job was two days a week, four hours a week, if I recall, a Montessori school (South Zone when he lived in the North Zone, so that the job was obviously to do sh.., basically. And what job anyway? 4 hours?). He claimed his money was not enough for him to contribute to any of our expenses, so that I paid all all the time. He lived with his mother, in their apartment, which was entirely purchased by his father, so that his mother was ALSO a parasite and apparently she never worked in her life, believe it or not. It is never ending. 

Florica came to Australia at the expense of all her relatives in terms of funds for the trip, and she herself told me that. I sold my car, the only real estate property that I had, even so a shared property, and all the money I used was either my money or money that I owed on a future date to my brother. Not a single person on earth helped me with a cent and I still endure all these years of atrocities ALSO because my brother Nelson, the one who killed my only father with all intention on earth and with me begging that he did not do that, and who is now ALSO responsible for all the atrocities I and mum endure for  all these years, claims that I stole his share of the apartment. Once more, I worked like hell, and that included working as a manager of the building, and I still sold the apartment to an acquaintance to get the miraculous price that I got on that property, which was given (?) to me with a market value of about 10 K only and full of problems, including legality of the documents. Had my father transferred that property to his name before dying, it would all be paid off, but he was ALSO a carioca and once even confessed to my mother that all he did was to guarantee that he would leave us nothing after death, believe it or not. I worked like hell, and made the so many years that were missing in the mortgage be reduced to only two, so that what Nelson claims to be his share on that property he would only see two or three years later in normal life, without me having done what I had done. To make it all worse, he got paid much more than half of that property before I meet Trevor since I left him receiving some money I was legally entitled to in Brazil as a payment, a monthly installment deal, let's say. He then complained that he had wasted all the money, disobeying my orders to him, which were that he did not touch the money at any expense, unless it were really necessary, and simply saved it in order to buy his own property. I sold this property for 45K, if I now remember well (other blog posts say the price). That was all because of my work on it. I still hated Rio de Janeiro and never wanted to remain there after the death of my father. The relatives, including Nelson, oppressed me to an extreme and obliged me to take care of the property and finishing paying it in their place because I WAS STILL SINGLE AND YOUNG, believe it or not. I simply took MY MONEY and used, basically, and the reason for Nelson to attack me now for more than fourteen years in all my basic rights would be that he did not get the whole amount at once. Nelson is ten years my senior and I give him money since I am nine years old, believe it or not. I forgot to mention that Nelson claimed that he ended up spending the monthly installments money because it was much better than working. He then let me know that he had stopped working because he was getting that money and that was actually unhealthy for him, so that he ALSO blamed me for his unhealthy lifestyle since then, believe it or not. 

Also not to be forgotten is the episode that I have already told on another blog post: João Carlos actually called Agnella to get advice on whether he should betray his wife or not, so Carrie. Agnella told me that he called and that she advised him to betray her. Missing something? I want see what man would consult me and receive a yes instead of a no, this my entire life on earth. That is the difference. If I understood well, Agnella got her job at DOCAS (secretary) from favors and still kept it from having intimacy with the married male boss. Her previous job was in teaching and she got because of the uncle, believe it or not. Nobody gave me any job in my life, all I ran after with a lot of expense, absolutely nobody ever facilitated my life, rather the contrary, believe it or not. I paid a hell lot of money for that course at UQ and, even so, I got all I got and all that I now keep on telling in my blogs. I was supposed to be acclaimed genius already in 2000, quite sincerely, and therefore receive all scientific glories on earth since back then, including a lifetime chair somewhere important, probably Stanford, as for my achievement. Instead, I endure more than fourteen years of atrocities, which include slavery, in First World democracy and the more I denounced the crimes I suffer, and the more I proved them materially and otherwise, the more they aggravated instead of the opposite. Each and every authority seems to appear as a new violator all these years, rather than a savior, very unfortunately.